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Example: hendrix, jimi

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Name forms:

Personal names must be inverted last name, first name(s): davis, miles

Do not write the article the at the beginning of a group name: cure, not the cure
Other initial articles such as a, le etc, are often placed in ( ) at the end of the group name: tigre (le)

Group names beginning with the name of the leader, will be found under the leader's name:
jimi hendrix experience, will be found under hendrix, jimi
The name of the group will in these cases often be found as a subtitle.

The Nordic letters ö and ø are different in this search system, so please try both.

Search types:

Searches on love gets only the exact matching name love, not names such as love 666

Searches on love gets all names starting with the sequence love, such as love 666 and lovens, paul

Part of name:
Searches on love gets all names containing the sequence love, such as groovy love vibes and legendary lovers

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