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waco (spain/spanish)
RJRPRES: spanish hardcore rock fanzine covering mostly national acts. comes with a cassette of exclusive material. well worth investigating.

wahrschauer (der) (germany/german)
RJRPRES: german punk/hardcore/alternative rock fanzine. absolutely worth investigating.

wake up (france/french)
RJRPRES: excellent french rock fanzine that comes with a free 7". recommended.

warped reality (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american fanzine covering mostly indie/alternative rock + arts/politics/poetry etc. steadily growing up to the (for now) last issue (#4) that came with a flexi.

watt (netherlands/dutch)
RJRPRES: dutch rock monthly covering both mainstream & indie.

*waxpoetics (usa/english)
RJRPRES: this bimonthly covering various shades of black music (& culture) old & new is simply the best! if your remotely interested in dance music, electronica, hip hop, jazz, afrobeat etc this one is an absolute must. back in print..

*wee jazz magazine (finland/english)
RJRPRES: impressive finnish jazz quarterly written in english. covers mostly spiritual & avant-garde jazz both old and new, plus related memorabilia, art & photography. every issue comes with a special title. highly recommended.

welch connection (the) (uk/english)
RJRPRES: british bimonthly fanzine covering the group, man, + related. knowledgeable articles & reviews. recommended.

wereldmuziek (netherlands/dutch)
RJRPRES: dutch world/traditional music quarterly.

what goes on (usa/english)
RJRPRES: excellent velvet underground fanzine with long interviews, historical articles & reviews. a must for vu-fans and others interested.

what wave (canada/english)
RJRPRES: excellent canadian fanzine covering various shades of the garage underground split between the 2 editors. lots of articles & record reviews + a cassette of previously unreleased material make this one to get.

what-s that noise (germany/german)
RJRPRES: german independent music zine with thorough articles mostly on rock plus a lot of reviews. the free 7"s are usually very interesting. recommended. irregular. (this one stopped arriving for some reason).

whump (usa/english)
RJRPRES: this rock zine is definitely one to try to get hold of. first issue 100 pages plus a double hard vinyl ep. covers rock leaning towards the experimental noisy variety, with several fairly obscure artists interviewed. recommended.

why a pig (uk/english)
RJRPRES: essential new magazine for keeping up with underground cds of mainly rock artists. both excellent record reviews and collectors guides to specific artists/groups, plus a more general news listing.

wild magazine (denmark/danish)
RJRPRES: danish mainstream magazine covering mostly rock, but also some dance, indie etc. comes with a free cd with some exclusive tracks. worth checking out.

wind-up toy (etc) (usa/english)
RJRPRES: very promising little zine covering mostly indie rock. interviews & live reviews. name varies, starting with wind up...

windplayer (usa/english)
RJRPRES: irregular (quarterly) magazine covering various aspects of windplaying (both woodwinds & brass) within jazz, classical etc. quality interviews/articles and tutorial columns make this of interest both to players & general public.

wipe out (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american fanzine covering the rock underground with the usual ton of reviews + some interviews/articles. lots of interesting music covered from all over the globe. subtitled: guide for goners, but valuable to others too.

wire (the) (uk/english)
RJRPRES: very important british jazz monthly which has now broadened to include various shades of contemporary musics from dance music to experimental rock. level of writing is constantly high both in features & reviews. not to be missed.

woolybugger (usa/english)
RJRPRES: new fanzine covering mostly experimental, indie & obscure shades of rock etc. the quality of both the interviews & record reviews make this worth seeking out. plans an all essay issue.

word (the) (uk/english)
RJRPRES: high quality glossy british monthly covering music (mostly mainstream), cinema, literature etc. excellent articles & reviews make this one stand out. strongly recommended, but now sadly deleted, a great loss!

world 1 music (spain/spanish)
RJRPRES: spanish world music bimonthly covering both spanish & international artists. also includes jazz, flamenco, blues, brazilian etc. always interesting so if you read spanish, this is one to get. current status uncertain.

world music (italy/italian)
RJRPRES: italian world music magazine also covering some jazz/prog-rock/reggae/etc. both articles & reviews are well-researched. sometimes bilingual italian/english.

world music (england) (uk/english)
RJRPRES: british world music zine.

world on a string (japan/english)
RJRPRES: small japanese zine written in english concentrating on the rock scene in osaka. comes with a free cassette + various gifts. worth investigating. possibly a one-off.

world sound (france/french)
RJRPRES: french world music bimonthly covering both the french & international scene including some reggae, rap etc. check it out.

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