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tail spins magazine (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american zine covering indie/underground rock, punk etc. valuable for articles on fairly unknown new groups/artists, and the extensive review section. well worth your attention.

tape op (usa/english)
RJRPRES: bimonthly subtitled: a magazine about creative music recording. includes interviews and some reviews mostly on alternative, indie & lo-fi rock. interesting focus on the field of recording. from #11 expanded & even better. free in usa.

tarkus (norway/norwegian)
RJRPRES: norwegian progressive & symphonic rock fanzine born through a fusion of prognetic & hybris. interesting articles & lots of record reviews make this worthwhile (still in norwegian though). now online only.

taugenix (germany/german)
RJRPRES: interesting german zine covering only the german punk scene. comes with a free cd. check it out.

technikart (france/french)
RJRPRES: french cultural monthly covering music (mostly dance music & electronica), cinema, art, etc. you can do a lot worse than picking up this excellent mag.

teen looch (usa/english)
RJRPRES: small photocopied fanzine covering mostly american indie underground rock. quite interesting interviews and articles.

teenage news (usa/english)
RJRPRES: interesting new zine from san francisco mainly featuring interviews with rock & pop artists from the 1960s onwards. off to a very primising start, and well worth both your time and support.

telegraph (the) (uk/english)
RJRPRES: simply the best bob dylan magazine around and a must for all dylan fans. due to the editor-s death, the future of this excellent mag is uncertain.

tempi dispari (italy/italian)
RJRPRES: very interesting glossy italian rock & related magazine. main focus on rock history through articles on important & more obscure artists/groups + record label profiles etc. excellent magazine.

teraz rock (poland/polish)
RJRPRES: polish monthly mainstream magazine covering popular musics from rock & pop to punk & metal. well worth checking out. current status unknown.

terrorizer (uk/english)
RJRPRES: excellent uk monthly covering various types of metal, hardcore, punk & industrial rock. a wealth of info on both known and fairly unknown acts & records make this one of the most valuable magazines within its field. printed edition discontinued.

there-s that beat! (usa/english)
RJRPRES: excellent quarterly from hitsville soul club of america covering classic soul from the detroit area & others parts of the usa. well researched articles covering labels and artists, often incl.discographies. recommended.

thicker (usa/english)
RJRPRES: new american fanzine covering mostly national indie rock. both interviews and live reviews are excellent, and you also get the usual small reviews. first 2 issues came with hard vinyl eps. well worth your attention.

this is metal (spain/spanish)
RJRPRES: spanish metal bimonthly which is kind of a little sister to the magazine: this is rock. off to a promising start. check it out.

this is rock (spain/spanish)
RJRPRES: impressive spanish monthly covering mainstream rock, punk, metal & a little blues. the general high quality of articles & reviews make this easy to recommend.

thora-zine (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american fanzine subtitled; underground media monitor. off to a promising start and well worth investigating.

throat culture (usa/english)
RJRPRES: very interesting rock fanzine "dedicated" to lester bangs. both articles & reviews are of high quality and this is a fanzine to try to get. often with previously unissued l.bangs- material.

*timemazine (greece/english)
RJRPRES: new greek zine concentrating on sixties rock and beyond. excellent articles & discographies. a few articles in greek, but most in english. comes with a cd of rare & unreleased material. check it out.

titi flambi (france/french)
RJRPRES: strange french fanzine that comes with a free 7". covers music, films etc. worth checking out.

tjas og mas (norway/norwegian)
RJRPRES: interesting norwegian zine with articles/interviews covering (mostly) various shades of the national music scene from rock & metal to techno & electronica etc + some art. irregular. current status unknown.

tone clusters (usa/english)
RJRPRES: extremely interesting long-running xerox zine covering jazz, rock, prog, experimental etc. extensive interviews & record/live reviews make this a must to check out for all open-minded music lovers.

touch (uk/english)
RJRPRES: interesting independent black music monthly. subtitled; the voice of the underground. check it out. new series (same mag?) covers soul, rap, dance music etc. quite interesting.

tout soul (france/french)
RJRPRES: french soul mag. quite commercial.

tracking angel (the) (usa/english)
RJRPRES: glossy quarterly covering most shades of popular music incl.rock, jazz, folk, country etc. lots of informative record reviews plus some articles/interviews.

tracks (usa/english)
RJRPRES: u.s. bimonthly subtitled: music built to last. covers various shades of classic rock old & new + some jazz, world music, r&b etc. high quality articles & reviews. well worth your time.

trad magazine (france/french)
RJRPRES: french traditional music (& dance) bimonthly with important coverage of both the french & international scene. touches on ethno & world music. a valuable source of information. recommended. current status unknown.

trakmarx (uk/english)
RJRPRES: excellent british punk & rock webzine. i like it so much i print the whole thing out to include articles & reviews in the rojaro index. page numbers relates to my private printed copies. highly recommended. all issues found on the net + blog.

traverses (france/french)
RJRPRES: french zine covering the international progressive rock scene & related. serious treatment of fairly unknown artists/groups make this a valuable source of information. now integrated into the web zine, rythmes croises.

trax (france/french)
RJRPRES: important glossy french monthly covering most kinds of dance music & electronica. lots of record reviews & artist profiles. highly recommended as a source of information within its field. came with a free cd. new tabloid format discontinued (?).

true magazine (uk/english)
RJRPRES: new british glossy monthly covering black music (rap, soul, jazz etc) and related (art, fasion etc). some extensive interviews make this quite promising.

trust (germany/german)
RJRPRES: german independent punk bimonthly covering mostly music but also politics etc. important coverage of both the german & international scene. lots of record reviews. worth checking out.

tsugi (france/french)
RJRPRES: french monthly focusing on the contemporary popular music scene covering dance music to indie rock and most genres in between. absolutely worth your attention.

tuatara (netherlands/english)
RJRPRES: small dutch fanzine covering rock from new zealand. written in english. quite informative within its field. probably a one-off.

tuba frenzy (usa/english)
RJRPRES: excellent new american fanzine covering mostly indie rock. informative interviews/articles and lots of record reviews makes this one worth both your time and support.

tubo (el) (spain/spanish)
RJRPRES: basque/spanish political punk paper written in both languages.

twist and shake (usa/english)
RJRPRES: excellent zine covering mostly garage, pop & rock from the 60s scene onwards. interviews with both fairly unknow artists/groups & former stars make this mag a very interesting read.

twój blues (poland/polish)
RJRPRES: excellent blues quarterly from poland. check it out if your read polish.

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