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obsküre magazine (france/french)
RJRPRES: french bimonthly covering dark culture in music (mostly), literature, comics, art etc. thouches on rock, goth, metal, industrial, indie etc. seems to have some connection with old magazine, d-side. easy to recommend.

octopus (france/french)
RJRPRES: a new mag from the people behind the discontinued hyacinth. coverage of both french and international alternative rock, jazz, avant garde & other shades of experimental music. easy to recommend.

off the hip (australia/english)
RJRPRES: excellent rock (garage, powerpop & other) zine from australia. extensive articles covering both the australian & international scenes. comes with a free cd. very easy to recommend.

off the record (netherlands/dutch)
RJRPRES: dutch bimonthly covering mostly contemporary rock & pop (+ some cinema, games etc). probably continued as

offbeat (usa/english)
RJRPRES: new orleans & louisiana music monthly. covers both established artists/groups and new acts within the jazz, rock, blues, roots etc music scenes. high quality articles & reviews (plus tons of info).

old time country (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american quarterly concentrating on old country music through articles, interviews & book/record reviews.

old-time herald (usa/english)
RJRPRES: quarterly dedicated to various forms of old-time music.

on the one (usa/english)
RJRPRES: new american jazz quarterly. covers mostly new trends in jazz. well worth seeking out.

ondskan (sweden/swedish)
RJRPRES: swedish quarterly zine covering mostly swedish indie pop/rock/electronica artists/groups, unknown to well-known. always interesting articles + some extended reviews. highly recommended.

one shot (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american fanzine dedicated to one-hit wonders. quality writing. recommended.

ongaku otaku (usa/english)
RJRPRES: very impressive new fanzine covering independent japanese rock & experimental music through articles & reviews (+ some cinema/art). lots of info to be found here, and a good read. recommended.

oor (netherlands/dutch)
RJRPRES: dutch fortnightly mainstream culture magazine covering lots of music (+ art/literature/cinema/etc). quite interesting in general & recommended.

opprobrium (new zealand/english)
RJRPRES: another excellent fanzine from new zealand covering the more experimental shades of rock and noise. obscure artists, long articles and informative reviews. what more do you need? recommended.

opscene (netherlands/dutch)
RJRPRES: dutch bimonthly magazine covering mostly alternative rock from punk to experimental. international in scope with a very nice review section. always interesting to read, and recommended.

optical sounds (uk/english)
RJRPRES: british photocopied fanzine covering various shades of rock with a focus on psych, kraut & garage. well worth your attention.

option (usa/english)
RJRPRES: very interesting alternative american magazine covering most musical bases. glossy without loss of integrity. hundreds of record reviews and in my opinion a real must for information seeking music lovers.

opus (denmark/danish)
RJRPRES: excellent danish music mag with articles on cultural aspects of contemporay popular music.

*orkesterjournalen/om jazz/jazz (sweden/swedish)
RJRPRES: long-running swedish jazz bimonthly (formerly monthly) mainly valuable for coverage of the swedish scene & mainstream jazz in general. very expensive abroad. current title: jazz

orkus (germany/german)
RJRPRES: impressive german rock monthly covering gothic, romantic industrial, electro etc. one of the best within its field. comes with a free cd. check it out.

out of time (italy/italian)
RJRPRES: a wonderful alternative & roots music bimonthly covering country, folk, blues, rock etc. lots of reviews and some interesting articles.

outasite (usa/english)
RJRPRES: excellent teen scene mag covering rock & pop along with movies & television etc in the 50s & 60s through long, interesting articles & interviews. absolutely recommended.

outburn (usa/english)
RJRPRES: this quarterly presents itself as covering subversive & post-alternative music, which seems to mean a mix of rock, goth, industrial, metal with a touch of electronica, noise, techno etc. lots of interesting articles & reviews.current status uncertain.

ox; faces the facts (germany/german)
RJRPRES: german bimonthly zine dedicated to alternative guitar rock & punk. excellent interviews & a large review section. as an additional bonus each issue now comes with a cd. if you read german, get it.

oxford american (the) (usa/english)
RJRPRES: highly respected american magazine covering various aspects of southern culture. regularly publishes music issues of great interest & quality. highly recommended.

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