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i/e magazine (usa/english)
RJRPRES: bimonthly us magazine covering a wide variety of genres from progressive rock & techno to electronic avant garde. both articles/interviews & reviews keep a high standard, so this is one to seek out.

ice magazine (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american monthly cd newletter. hard to beat for up-dated news on future cds. recommended.

*ihh; international hip-hop (france/french)
RJRPRES: excellent french rap & hip-hop magazine with a focus on interviews & reviews. an important source of information on both the french & international scene. highly recommended.

impact (sweden/swedish)
RJRPRES: shortlived swedish magazine covering the international rock scene from mostly the 60s & 70s plus some country (+ cinema). some extensive articles make this a valuable source of information.

improjazz (france/french)
RJRPRES: interesting xeroxed french fanzine covering jazz, the improvised avant-garde scene and related. excellent interviews & reviews. absolutely worth your support. now sadly discontinued.

improvisor (the) (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american free improvisation magazine with interviews, theoretical articles + reviews of a lot of strange & beautiful music. a very important independent publication worthy of support.

in jazz (italy/italian)
RJRPRES: italian jazz monthly with a detailed concert agenda plus some interesting articles & short record presentations. a new sister publication of the excellent bimonthly, Jazzit. seems to have folded after five issues.

in the basement (uk/english)
RJRPRES: important british quarterly covering classic soul music + some gospel etc. excellent articles & informative reviews made this one of the very best within its field & a valuable source of information. now online only.

indic (l-) (france/french)
RJRPRES: excellent french mag covering both the national & international scene focusing on indie rock, dance music etc. valuable for french music coverage. recommended.

indiecator (germany/german)
RJRPRES: general glossy indie-rock mag. comes in english language edition too.

indierocks (mexico/spanish)
RJRPRES: another excellent mexican monthly covering rock & popular musics (+ cinema & art) both national & international. check it out.

indies issue (japan/japanese)
RJRPRES: excellent japanese quarterly covering the national indie, rock & punk scene. comes with a free cd. if you read the language, check it out.

industrial metal (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american metal fanzine covering both mainstream & alternative metal. worth checking out.

industrial nation (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american industrial music fanzine which is steadily growing, now up from a-5 to a-4 format. informative interviews and an extensive review section make this one of the best info sources on this type of music.

inferno (finland/finnish)
RJRPRES: metal monthly from finland covering both the national and international scene. recommended if you read finnish.

inrockuptibles (les) (france/french)
RJRPRES: intellectual top quality french magazine with about equal parts of music, cinema & literature (+ politics). music content based on long informative interviews and knowledgeable reviews. weekly from 1995. now back to monthly.

insample (new zealand/english)
RJRPRES: small but interesting xeroxed fanzine covering international rock (finnish in my copy) & more experimental music.

insight (usa/english)
RJRPRES: promising new fanzine covering indie rock. lots of cartoons.

interview (usa/english)
RJRPRES: u.s.monthly mostly consisting of interviews with famous(?) people from the world of arts, movies, music, fashion etc. some record reviews. music content now down to a minimum.

io pages (netherlands/dutch)
RJRPRES: interesting dutch magazines covering the international progressive rock scene from classic to metal. a valuable addition to the rojaro, and easy to recommend.

irie up (germany/english)
RJRPRES: impressive but short-lived german reggae zine. highly recommended so seek it out.

irish music (ireland/english)
RJRPRES: excellent monthly covering irish (& related) music worldwide from traditional to contemporary. highly recommended.

iron fist (uk/english)
RJRPRES: british bimounthly covering hard rock & metal. off to a promising start.

isola che non c-era (l-) (italy/italian)
RJRPRES: italian magazine covering the national italian music scene from singer-songwriters to rock. general high quality on both articles and reviews. an important publication, but printed edition discontinue.

it-s psychedelic baby magazine (slovenia/english)
RJRPRES: excellent new zine with roots in klemen breznikar-s music blog which covers not only things psychedelic, but also touches on prog, jazz, folk etc. the first issue came with a free cd. essential reading for music lovers worldwide

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