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h23 (usa/english)
RJRPRES: strange american experimental music fanzine. last seen the minimal(ism) issue from dec.91. interesting.

hails & horns (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american metal & hardcore magazine covering everything from heavy to extreme. lots of interesting articles/interviews, record reviews etc.

hairy hi-fi (uk/english)
RJRPRES: mostly handwritten british indie-rock fanzine with the usual dose of interviews & record reviews. very nice layout. worth contacting.

halana (usa/english)
RJRPRES: excellent zine covering jazz, experimental & contemporary music through long articles/interviews. comes with eps/cds of exclusive material. highly recommended.

hard force magazine (france/french)
RJRPRES: french heavy metal bimonthly which covers some alternative metal as well. worth investigating.

hard rock mag (france/french)
RJRPRES: french bimonthly covering the international hard rock & metal scene. quite interesting.

hard-rock magazine (france/french)
RJRPRES: french glossy metal monthly. quite good.

harmonie (france/french)
RJRPRES: french magazine covering progressive rock both national & international. lots of record reviews make this worth checking out.

harp magazine (usa/english)
RJRPRES: u.s. glossy magazine covering mostly rock & folk with a focus on songwriting. nice mix of known & fairly unknown artists/groups. lots of well-informed record reviews.

hartbeat (germany/english)
RJRPRES: excellent german fanzine written in english covering various musics from garage to world music. always interesting due to amount of info found. now comes with hard-vinyl ep. worth looking for. irregular.

hayfever (germany/german)
RJRPRES: excellent german zine covering mostly shades of indie/alternative rock both national & international. comes with a free ep of exclusive material. now discontinued in printed form, but continues online.

headbangers zine (netherlands/english)
RJRPRES: interesting zine hard & heavy metal and other shades of rock) zine written in english. covers a lot of fairly unknown artists & bands so it-s easy to recommend to metalheads worldwide.

hearsay magazine (uk/english)
RJRPRES: impressive british mag covering mostly singer-songwriters within rock, pop, folk etc. informative article & interviews plus long record reviews should make you want to check this one out. recommended.

heartbeat (sweden/swedish)
RJRPRES: swedish zine covering indie & alternative rock, electronica etc.

heartsong review (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american magazine covering mostly new age & other spiritual musics. main part is record/cassette reviews + some interviews. reprints some of its own reviews to function as a resource guide. gives much hard-to-find info.

heaven (netherlands/dutch)
RJRPRES: bimonthly review magazine with some interviews. covers a lot of ground from rock & pop to country, roots music, world music, folk, reggae, blues, jazz, soul etc. easy to recommend if you read dutch.

heavy (la) (spain/spanish)
RJRPRES: spanish monthly magazine covering the international metal & heavy rock scene. not bad, so take a look.

heavy rock (spain/spanish)
RJRPRES: spanish metal monthly. current status unknown.

heavy soul (uk/english)
RJRPRES: interesting mod zine covering rock, pop, soul, rhythm & blues and other kinds of mod-related musics. mostly short articles & reviews, but a valuable source of information. recommended.

hello sailor (usa/english)
RJRPRES: u.s.fanzine covering mostly indie rock through interesting interviews and some record reviews. nice start and worth checking out.

helvete magazine (norway/norwegian)
RJRPRES: norwegian quarterly covering most things metal from extreme to prog. back in print for a while.

here -tis (usa/english)
RJRPRES: fantastic zine covering mostly 60s & 70s rock, garage & otherwise, pluss some articles on the music press. long well researched articles & reviews make this one essential.

herencia de los munster (spain/spanish)
RJRPRES: this fanzine was one of spain-s best music publications covering mostly garage rock + related. sadly munster has decided to discontinue the mag. came with a hard-vinyl ep.

hi folks (italy/italian)
RJRPRES: excellent italian bimonthly covering a wide variety of roots/world musics + others. high quality both in articles and reviews. recommended.

*highlands magazine (france/french)
RJRPRES: another great french quarterly zine covering progressive rock. long recond reviews and detailed career overviews plus shorter interviews make this highly recommended.

hip hop connection (uk/english)
RJRPRES: britain-s leading rap/hip hop magazine. covers both old & new acts through mostly short interviews/articles + record reviews. recommended. folded after issue 232 (2009) plus 4 digital issues.

hip hop life (spain/spanish)
RJRPRES: spanish monthly covering rap and hiphop culture. a valuable source of information on the spanish rap scene. recommended.

history of rock (the) (uk/english)
RJRPRES: british monthly related to uncut. every issue focuses on one specific year in chronological order, and consists of articles & reviews from the archives of melody maker & new musical express. highly recommended.

hittin- the note (usa/english)
RJRPRES: long-running u.s. quarterly subtitled: because music matters. focusing mostly on american rock, classic & new, plus some blues etc. general high quality and some extensive articles & record reviews make this one to check out.

hm (italy/italian)
RJRPRES: impressive italian metal fortnightly. one of the best of the market internationally.

holding together (uk/english)
RJRPRES: british jefferson airplane fanzine + other related acts. news, reviews, interviews etc. recommended to both fans and others. current status unknown..

holngesher (france/french)
RJRPRES: new french hardcore fanzine. well worth seeking out.

hot press (ireland/english)
RJRPRES: irish fortnightly paper covering politics, culture, film & music. music content valuable for interviews/reviews of the irish music scene, in addition to general high quality of writing. highly recommended.

house of pain (usa/english)
RJRPRES: american rock & punk fanzine containing mostly interviews & short record reviews. not bad.

howl (germany/german)
RJRPRES: large format german alternative rock magazine which also covers books, b-movies etc. high quality interviews, lots of record reviews + a free hard-vinyl ep of unreleased material make this recommended.

huck (uk/english)
RJRPRES: impressive british bimonthly covering various aspects of radical culture. the music content includes interesting articles on rock, punk, rap etc (+ lots of other great stuff to read). highly recommended.

humanbeing lawnmower (usa/english)
RJRPRES: quality zine from new york covering mostly garage rock, punk & related pluss comics etc. recommended. current status unknown.

hurly burly (spain/spanish)
RJRPRES: new spanish zine covering free improvised music & jazz. informative articles/interviews & record reviews make this well worth your time & support. now bilingual spanish/english.

hyacinth (france/french)
RJRPRES: this french indie-rock fanzine is growing fast. lots of valuable interviews with mostly american guitar bands + a heavy dose of live/record reviews.

hype magazine (germany/german)
RJRPRES: german bimonthly indie-rock zine. not bad. current status unknown.

höhlenbewohner (switzerland/german)
RJRPRES: swiss metal monthly giving space to both german & swiss artists. quite interesting.

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