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Why create the RoJaRo-Index:

My intention with the RoJaRo-Index is to build the most complete reference source related to the music press worldwide. The philosophy behind this work is one of integration, not only by covering all shades of popular musics & jazz, but also by giving equal treatment to various kinds of publications from glossy well-known magazines to independent zines. In addition the RoJaRo-Index also tries to cover publications from as many countries & language areas as possible. The index includes references to articles, interviews, record-/book-/live-reviews, discographies etc.
It's my hope that the RoJaRo-Index (along with the Music Magazine & Record Label Lists) will help make the magazines and fanzines included better known to all interested in reading about music. I also hope that both independent & major record labels will find the index a valuable promotion tool.
All material received in connection with this project is integrated into the RoJaRo-Archive, and will be made available for future research. Donations of music magazines & records are always welcome.
The RoJaRo-Index is a one-person labor-of-love that have completely dominated my life since 1990.
kjetil maria aase

Collaborators and contact information:

Established, compiled, edited, layout & copyright: kjetil maria aase.

Original internet application: Hans-Christian Holm
PC-programming and additional internet applications: George Helmke
Logistics of existence: Gurli Halin

Send comments, promotional material & donations for the archive to:
RoJaRo/k.m.aase, PO Box 6724 Rodeloekka, N-0503 Oslo, Norway
E-mail: kmaa54 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Remember always to write RoJaRo in the subject field, or your mail will be trashed.

Previous collaborators:
Scott Helmke (help with subscriptions in the usa)
N.Scott Robinson (help with subscriptions in the usa)
Are Skisland (help with the record label list)

Other support received by the RoJaRo-Index & Archive:

Supporting Magazines

Supporting Record Labels

Public support:
RHOA, Oslo, Norway (financial support 1992 & 1993)
Statens Bibliotektilsyn, Norway (financial support 1992 & 1993)
Norsk Kasettavgiftsfond, Norway (financial support 1994 & 1996)
Statsarkivet i Kristiansand, Norway/Kjell J. Bråstad (practical support)
Vest-Agder fylkeskommunes kulturavdeling & ABM (financial support 2006-2007)
Popsenteret/Oslo kommune (financial support 2008)

Gifts from archives & libraries:
Klaus-Kuhnke-Archive of Popular Music, Bremen, Germany (music magazines)
Nederlands Jazzarchief, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (jazz magazines)
British Institute of Jazz Studies, UK (jazz magazines)
Fredriksberg Bibliotek, Denmark (music magazines)
Jazz-Institut Darmstadt, Germany (a few jazz magazines)
National Sound Archive/British Library, London, UK (reference books)
Archive of Contemporary Music, New York, USA (reference book)

Private support:
Per Edgar Hjortbakk/Ann Kristin Hjortbakk (huge record and tape collection)
Jørn Hjørungsnes (lots of records)
Matthew Pires (french music magazines)
Thomas Pedersen (records)
Geir Kavli (financial contribution)
John Voigt, Berklee college, USA (financial contribution)
Anne-Åse Kallhovd (financial contribution & practical help)
Axel Schleifenbaum (jazz magazines)
Øystein Vetle Marthinsen/Thomas Marthinsen (bargain on rare uk music papers)
Gottorm Kittelsen (collection of music magazines)

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